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written by admin February 4, 2017

Looking for a good date night in Hollywood? Why not go see one of the many Films that are filmed in the los Angeles area. Hollywood offers some of the most comfortable and addicting ways to enjoy the cinemas.

 Deborah and I had become addicted to the iPic Theaters as pictures available at iPic.com and we suggest very strongly that you get your tickets several days in advance of going to the show because weekend shows are often filled out for good movies.  The iPic is the best dine-in theater in all Los Angeles in our opinion.  The seats are spectacular and resemble almost first class airline seats.  They will bring you a blanket and a wee pillow to add to your comfort level.  There are a few locations for food, the west location is slightly better but both sides offer the most recent movies.  Their philosophy is to have a very nice restaurant and it just happens to have a movie seater next by.  The seats are spaced out very well and there is nobody remotely crowding you anywhere. Also there is no obstruction to the screen.  We typically go to the west wood theater just because it is closer, but no problems driving all the way out to Pasadena if there is not a good movie or good seating available at the local one.


The next choice is the MGM five start cinema in Glendale.  The seats there are way underutilized and never filled out.  They are made of plush leather and are fully-reclinable. The food is not nearly the same quality at the iPic but they still have an original gourmet menu. and they have a larger movie selection. You can spend your time in the bar and lounge areas while you enjoy all of the ambiance that MGM has to offer. With every purchase of a ticket you get a free order of popcorn. The theaters are equipped with QSC-Powered Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound.

Our third choice would be the AMC Dine-in Theaters down in the Marina.  Again the seats are not quite as good as the other two, but still lovely reclined seats.  The menu is okay, also with in the mall the the AMC theater is located there are several restaurants you can have a bite to eat at either before or after.  Because of the lushness of the seats on all these theaters we find it really difficult to go to other theaters any more because we typically just fit to these.  However, Los Angeles has many other wonderful theaters with lesser known movies that are no block busters or exceptionally high quality.


Whether you are looking to just catch a quick flick or want to make it an entire date night all three of these locations are first class when it comes to movie theatres. Watch in Luxury and feel like you are the most important person in the room.

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