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Gold Benefits

written by admin January 28, 2017

With the new year here and the new you looking for a fresh start we thought it appropriate with all of the gold around for new years to provide you with some of the benefits you can have using products with gold in them on the skin. Some of the benefits are

1.Anti Aging                                        4.Lightened complexion

2.Anti inflammatory                        5. Decrease in Wrinkles and blemishes

3.Hydration                                        6. Increased elasticity of the Skin

Gold is versatile in that it can be used on any skin tone. It can activate the basal cells within the skinand increases the elasticity of the skin cells to the applied area.This can reduce any fine lines, blemishes or wrinkles on the surface to make you look younger and boost circulation. Gold can be used to drain lymph nodes and get rid of blackheads as well.


The healing properties of gold is not a new discovery. It has been traced back to ancient times in both Japanese and Egyptian culture. Cleopatra herself used gold coated leafs to bring a healthy gleam to her face. This is where the gold mask originated. Particles get into the skin allowing for that glow of the gold to settle into the skin. It makes it look more hydrated and increases the moisture within the cells.

The antioxidant properties present in gold leads to a reduction in acne and other skin allergies that can cause the skin to look inflamed or irritated. Now a lot of us desire a nice tan skin but overtanning can cause damage to the skin under the surface. This can be reduced with gold because it brings down the production of melanin in the body.

Wearing a gold mask allows your skin to stay youthful and glowing. By doing this the complexion is enhanced and reduces changes in color due to unwanted skin marks. Not keeping your skin well hydrated can quickly cause it to look aged and wrinkled. Gold gets rid of dry skin cells by motivating the metabolic rate to perform much faster. This allows for better hydration as well as better secretion of the build up that gets into our pours. We all want to stay youthful looking and beautiful. Gold is just one of the few elements we are looking forward to in the the new year of 2017 No matter the skin tone, pure gold adds a glow and a touch of luxury to the beauty ritual. Making anyone feel and look like royalty.

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