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The Royal Villa at the Grand Resort

written by admin April 4, 2017

The Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece is probably one the most beautiful stays in the entire world. To stay in this Luxurious hotel money has to be no object. With charges amounting to a cool 38,000 Euros ($50,362) per night, it has the best that there is to offer. With your room situated looking over your very own private beach with white cashmere sands fading into the most beautiful turquoise water the view is absolutely breathtaking.



The Villa itself consists of 3 Individual bedrooms and has two pools. One on the inside and the other outside both are heated. The bathrooms are covered in marble and it even comes with a huge wooden walk in closet. Within the villa, there is a fully stocked and ready to use kitchenette as well as a BBQ and grill for one of the most amazing cookout locations you will ever see.



Everything here is completely private including your parking. Along with all of these amazing amenities your stay includes your own personal butler and in-home chef. Finally, one of our best discoveries is that within your home there is not only a piano but, your very own pianist ready to set the mood dancing his fingers over the ivory while you stroll through your very own 640 square foot garden. Now, this is elegant romance.

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