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Rainy London

written by admin January 28, 2017

When you think of London, most people think of the cloudy and foggy rainy days that have earned a reputation in the World. Rain can show up at anytime and wash away any plans you had for an outside visit to one of the world’s best cities. Don’t let the weather ruin your plans. We have provided 5 things to shine light on your gloomy day.


Now If you showed up unprepared for the London weather, your first stop should be James Smith & Sons Umbrellas. This is the best umbrella shop in all of London. Located at 53 New Oxford Street this untouched Victorian style shop front is a perfect example of London’s history. Founded in 1830 it is first-class luxury when someone thinks about buying an umbrella. The shop still makes its umbrellas at the shop in the factory and you can even go in build your own. They take measurements for you and then provide you with an array of different materials from which your parasol will be made. Choose your shield and dive back into the streets to explore everything that London has to offer.


Possibly the second best place to visit on a rainy day, after grabbing your umbrella of course, would be the umbrella covered street in London. Located off of Park Street in the Borough Market, it is one of the most popular art attractions. This is an art piece itself.  It is an area of the market which is covered above by vibrant and artistic colors to fight the norm stereotype of your typical black umbrella that you always see depicted. Full of colors from pink to blue, whether it is raining or the sun is shinning this art piece is sure to brighten up your day.


One of the most beautiful attractions to visit isLondon’s Royal Botanic Gardens. This is one of the worlds UNESCO World Heritage sites. Measuring at 121 hectares (298 acres) it has some of the most lavish and breathtaking gardens in the world. It traces its history back to Henry VII when he decided to move to Richmond Palace for the summer. Within the gardens there are vast ways to experience the park. You can walk through the tree tops on a walkway giving you an ariel view.  There are amazing glass houses with the world’s most exotic plants.  When it is raining, this is one of the most alluring parts of the park. It allows you to enjoy the life within but still enjoy the calming sound of rain falling on to the glass roof. Not to mention there is a lake within the park that you can walk over as well. The park itself is home to over 30,000 living species of plants from around the world. Its herbarium has collected over 7 million different preserved plant specimens. There is also a huge library on site that has 700,00+ volumes of books about plants not to mention over a 150,000 drawings and sketches of plants.

A timely tradition that is sure to attract people of all ages that could keep you dry would be grabbing Tea. Probably one of the most popular places to go isPrêt-à-Portea Tea at The Berkeley. This experience is greatly influenced by the fashion industry in the world today. Even its name is a referral to the phrase prêt-à-porter which means ready-to-wear clothing within the fashion industry. Since 2005 they have designed cakes, muffins, and every pastry you can think of made to look like the latest fashion to march down the catwalk. There is tea offered all over London but the uniqueness and craftsmen ship that goes into bringing the inspirational clothing ideas to your plate is unmatched. This is an experience that has to be tried to understand its full sophistication. Setting the bar for the next big tea shop.

If you are looking for a place to end your day, and you want a spot to bring the youngest and oldest adults together through its historic appeal, you have to visit Gordon’s Wine Bar. Established in 1890 Gordon’s is assumed to be London’s oldest bars. Once you walk in the front door the history and the ambiance can not be matched in any other wine bar in the world. The first room that you enter is full of historical newspapers and memorabilia that cover the wooden walls that have been sheltered from the outside walls for years. Having never been modernized the wooden walls, the smells and sounds from all the years past permeate the air. Enter into the Cellar itself and you are transported to the past. Lit by candlelight, surrounded by walls and a room of stone the atmosphere immediately transports you back to the past. Serving some of the best wine in London you can wet your taste buds while keeping your head dry on those grey stormy days in the City.

Without skipping a beat these attractions can easily change what seemed like a lost day into one of the most beautiful and breathtaking experience that you can have while in London. It allows you to see a side of the city that you may not know have existed and allows you to connect with the history that is London. Don’t forget your rain boots. Embrace the rain and the puddles scattered around the city. Allow yourself to take in one of the most abundant sources in London. The Rain. It brings new life to the idea of a rainy day.

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