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The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Presidential Wilson Hotel

written by admin April 4, 2017

The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Presidential Wilson Hotel in Geneva is absolutely massive. It covers a whopping 18,000 sq./ft. and takes up the entire 8th floor of the hotel. The suite consists of 12 bedrooms all ranging in size with their own personal bathrooms. There are also multiple living room areas so you are sure never to be cramped up no matter how many people you are staying with. Even though you will probably never use it there is still a 108-inch Bang & Olufsen Beo-Vision TV with full audio installation throughout the entire suite. This TV alone costs over a $100,000.

The suite also contains a personal gym, Jacuzzi and a dining room that can sit up to 26 people comfortably for those big family or business dinners. But don’t worry about having to take care of all of your guests as the resort has you covered. You have your own personal chefs, butlers and even security that are sure to provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing stay possible.



Everywhere you look there is some of the most amazing art from around the world from pottery to huge beautiful paintings. If the security guards aren’t enough you will be happy to know that the suite is covered in bullet proof glass armored doors and a human-sized safe. The entrance into your suite is guarded by surveillance cameras and magnetic sensors that can detect an intrusion from all angles. The two main bedrooms also come complete with panic buttons in case an unwelcome visitor makes their way into the premises. You have your own personal elevator and exits in case you are someone trying to avoid the paparazzi or just other people in general.


One last thing that is unmatched — your own private 1,680 square foot terrace, which includes a telescope to take in a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. This place is unmatched in elegance and beauty and if you have to ask about how much the room or extras are you probably can’t afford it.


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