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Etihad vs Emirates

written by admin March 27, 2017

We love traveling and exploring new places. Anytime we choose to fly we love to fly in luxury. Two of our favorite ways to fly is through Etihad and Emirates. Both are amazing ways to travel, but as with all things, there are certain perks and disadvantages about both airlines.


Let’s start by comparing a few things that are very important to us as travelers. One of our favorite things about Emirates is the ability to take a direct flight from LAX to Dubai. This is extremely beneficial because once we board the plane it is a straight shot to our destination without losing travel hours.


Etihad on the other hand only flies direct from JFK to Dubai. While this isn’t an ideal situation for us considering we live in Los Angeles, Etihad does provide direct flights between LAX and JFK. Out of pure convenience based on our location and the flight schedules, we would give this one to Emirates.



Now aside from flight paths here are our favorite things about each airline:


Emirates first class suites have a door that closes to your very own personal suite. We can enjoy our privacy whenever we like, as well as mingle around with other travelers whenever we wish. The bathroom is spacious and the showers have heated floors, both kept absolutely spotless. Two dedicated employees attend solely to the bathrooms to ensure you have everything you need to feel refreshed and relaxed during your entire trip.



The service from Emirates is absolutely incredible. There is never any point where we are in need or waiting. They move fast and are very diligent about making your experience the best they can provide. One of our favorite things is that the caviar is non-stop and, we mean non-stop. You can indulge yourself into a food coma from the caviar alone. While we are resting in our comfortable first class seats the airline provides hundreds of new movies and T.V. channels to choose from, entertaining us as we pass the time on our way to Dubai. Another bonus, Emirates provides your very own set of pajamas and slippers to kick back, relax and enjoy all the luxurious comfort Emirates has to offer.


Etihad, on the other hand, provides one of the most comfortable in-flight suites there is available in luxury travel today. Like no other airline, they offer exclusive apartment and residence traveling features. When we say apartment we mean it in every sense of the word. Your residence on the plane is literally the size of a small studio apartment in New York City.  It includes a large relaxing chair to kick back and relax in or sit down and catch up on some work before you land in Dubai. The bed in the Etihad suite stays out the entire flight without having to lay the seat down or ask for assistance. If you are tired you can just hop in bed and catch up on sleep. There is a divider that can be pulled down for your privacy not to mention there is enough space in these apartments that you can actually share your bed with your travel partner.


The suites have a small living room so you can sit and relax with your fellow travelers or lounge a bit and not be disturbed. Once you are rested you will probably want to freshen up. What better way to do this than in your own private bathroom? Covered in marble this is “luxury” at it’s finest at 6’000 ft. A vanity mirror is placed in your residence as well so you can pamper yourself and be ready for your arrival in Dubai. As for the delicious food, you can order at any time. This is great because most travelers are on different schedules. Flying from place to place gets the stomach growling and being able to order food at any time is truly an amazing accommodation. The food is served by your private butler who is brilliant at helping you order some personally catered impeccable dishes prepared by personal chefs. Based on their ultra-luxurious residence suites, we are giving accommodation stars to Etihad.


Both airways are amazing and we recommend that everyone try them both because each individual person has their own aesthetics and preferences to how they travel. Overall, if we are traveling first class, our choice is Emirates over Etihad. However, if we are traveling in one of the apartment suites Etihad wins hands down. Etihad apartments are simply unmatched with all the amenities and service that is provided to you. So indulge yourself and give both airways a try. We would love to hear your opinions for best worldwide travel. We look forward to hearing from you. Bon Voyage!


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