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written by admin February 15, 2017

ethiahd-1When it comes to traveling we all look for the most comfortable and trouble free way to enjoy our trips to and from our destinations. Whether that be on the ground or in the air the process can be hectic. However, Etihad has revolutionized First Class Travel. They strive to make each part of your travel experience as easy as possible.


What better way to start your trip than to have your very own chauffeur come to pick you up and take you to the airport. At Etihad Terminal 3 in Abu Dhabi International Airport, guests are greeted curbside by a porter before being escorted to a dedicated premium check-in reception area within the airport. It is like having your own staff at your disposal.


Once you have checked in, your vacation begins before you even leave the airport. The luxurious premium lounges at Ethiad offer some of the best 5-star dining experiences of any premium lounge. The lounge offer complimentary wifi to access your social media and work accounts before boarding your flight.  There is also a chance to relax yourself with a shower, shave and spa treatment all right inside the Six Senses Spa in Abu Dhabi.



ethiad-3Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next step is to check into your First Apartment aboard A380. This is much more than just a seat. This is literally a small flying apartment. The room comes with its very own large leather armchair. Etihad has also collaborated with Christian Lacroix to provide each passenger a limited edition travel bags as well as Omoroviczas skin care line containing lip balm, face moisturizer, and nourishing hand treatment that was developed in a Nobel prize winning laboratory.


etihad4The first apartment also comes with a 6’ 10” bed separate from the leather chair.  There is also a vanity with a mirror that lights up in case you want to pamper yourself while in flight or be photo ready when you get off the plane. There is also  a full length wardrobe to have you suit or vacation gear ready to wear at any time.


You can stay clean refreshed and ready for anything with one of the most beautiful bathrooms in the sky. If you are traveling with a companion your rooms can be linked together so you can both move in and out of your own spaces comfortably.


etihad-6Each First class experience has Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV and an in Flight Lounge. You can leave your room a hang out with other first class travelers at the in-flight lounge.  It’s perfect for meetings, dinner, or just enjoying a relaxing cocktail to calm the nerves. You can enjoy some of the best food a mile high with the in-flight chefs that are on every one of Etihad’s flights. Their chefs are fully qualified and trained to bring you the best culinary experience you can have at 35,000ft. You can choose an exclusive dish from their extensive a la carte menu, a steak cooked as you like from The Grill menu, or something special using fresh ingredients from the pantry.


With so many ways to enjoy the beginning and the end of your vacation why would you not want to fly Etihad. They are at the top of Luxurious Flights.



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