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The Differences Between Men and Women

written by admin March 14, 2017

As far back as caveman days, psychologists tell us that women developed the skill of multi-tasking.  They needed to simultaneously protect and nourish the children, watch for predators, gather nuts, berries and fruit, and teach their growing young. Throughout the years, these early skills have been passed on and fine-tuned suiting women perfectly to be great organizational CEOs.  For men, their early days were typically spent out in the fields hunting and simultaneously developing the skill of hyper-focus. Motivated by the need to survive, any prey in front of them, (bombs and explosions in later years), would be their singular focus and would not have been broken.  The latter is why women love us and hate us at the same time.



Realizing these fundamental differences helps in relationships tremendously.  How many times has your partner come to talk to you while you are doing something else?  As men, we need to learn to withdraw our focus (the game on TV, the project you’re working on) and refocus solely on your partner.  Otherwise it will be a one-sided frustrating conversation.  As a woman, learning to engage your partner so that they will focus on you and what you have to say is a skill to be learned.  The selection of time is important.  Bringing up an important subject while the saber-toothed tiger (or the Super Bowl) is in front of your significant other, typically won’t work.



In today’s age with women working as much as men and technology at our fingertips distraction are always in play. Whether it is sending out emails or responding to social media our focus can be clouded a lot of the time. Try to set times aside where it is just you and your loved one. No phones, no TV, no distractions. Just be in the moment with your partner. We are all busy with “life” however; you need to let your better half in. They need to know how you feel and why.



You and your partner are a team – an unmatched duo where you both are in complete control of the things that happen around you. So put down your phone and turn off all distractions. Allowing yourselves to come together and reconnect your love is one of the strongest things we can do in life. It allows for clearer thinking, better judgment, and not to mention knowing that the person that loves you has your back no matter what can be the best confidence boost for anyone no matter what you are doing. Love each other. Care for each other. Respect each other. Love the life you two are building together and never forget who is most important to you.

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