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Dubai is one of the world’s most Luxurious destinations in the world.

written by admin February 3, 2017

Dubai is one of the world’s most Luxurious destinations in the world. The city has become one the most popular places for travel for the rich and famous. Not to mention that the city itself has made a statement in the world with its manmade islands and some of the worlds tallest buildings. When you visit Dubai you will get to see first hand how a city can go from a recession to one of the most Luxurious places in the world. Dubai provides some of the most amazing architectural accomplishments in the world andthe skyline is full of some of the most beautiful architectural art you will eversee. Dubai has attracted people from around the globe who are at the topof their professions. As a result of this Dubai has had amazing development in all fields including food, science, technology and Luxury.If you are looking to travel to a place where any desire you have can befulfilled in the most sensational style, then you should visit Dubai. The weather in Dubai provides year long sun-light allowing it to be one of themost desired vacation spots in all the world.

Here are some of the Luxuries that Dubai has to offer.

Start your Vacation to Dubai comfortably by flying first class and arriving rested and full of energy. You can fly in your own private Suite from Emirate which comes with the option of a sliding door for more privacy, aminibar all to yourself, and a reclining seat that can be transformed into afull flat bed allowing for the best comfort money can buy. This allows you tofight off that jet lag and get vacation started immediately.

When you first arrive in Dubai you will probably want to get settled into your accommodations, even though the attraction from the beautiful city will becalling your name. Check into the Royal Mirage which stands alone as one the the most luxurious hotel experiences you can have. The resort provides golfing, spas, restaurants, and some of the most beautiful rooms Dubai has to offer.


After you get settled in to your luxurious room your stomach will be called from all of the amazing cuisine at your disposal. Your first look should be Coya. This Peruvian style restaurant was voted Best Restaurant of the Year 2016. Coya serves some of the best dishes in the entire world. Another stop on your list should be Play Restaurant and Lounge. This fine dining experience has been voted the Best New comer of 2016. This new take on food combines the Mediterranean and Asian cuisines in the most immaculate of ways. Putting together mind blowing dishes that provide the best of both worlds. From chef Reif Othman he will be providing the most astounding sashimi, innovated sushi, and meals there is to offer.


One more place to check out for you dining experience is The Hide. Voted best New comer for casual dining this year. Providing a modern America take on meat allows for some of the most creative meals you will experience. The chefs’ passion and precision in every one of their dishes blows all other American meatery out of the water. The meat is the best you can have and the experience at as a whole is unfathomable.


After you have filled your hunger there are many attractions to visit to burn off those carbs. The Lost City is a man made island city like no other place in the world. Apart from the beautiful layout of a palm tree and The Atlantis hotel that sits at the very top of the Palm there are amazing adventures that await you.
Here on the islands you can visit the world class Aquaventure. This water park offers one of the most invigorating water slides in the World. Properly named the Leap of Faith it is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. There is also a world-class water park, called Aquaventure, where you have to try the “Leap of Faith” slide for an exhilarating experience. Here you can also come face to face with dolphins and lounge on the man-made beach with your family.


In Dubai there is also amazing places for shopping. The Dubai Mall is amazing and one of the biggest in the world. The Mall can not be described in words and has to be seen to believe. It is gigantic by every means of the word. This mall provides something for everyone in your party not to mention that the shopping and cuisine options are not even the highlight of the Mall. Within the mall there is a 22-screen cinema, Sega World, a large indoor theme park, a full sized ice rink for everyone to enjoy, as well as A Beautiful Aquarium that has an underwater zoo. The icing on the cake for this mall is the Dubai Fountain, that provides shows daily starting at 6 p.m. that are even more spectacular than anything you would see in Vegas.


One more place to check out is Skiing at the Mall of the Emirates. Offering visitors, the chance to ski in the desert it is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. Its longest slope runs 1300 feet and you can rent everything you need right there. There is also a snow park included where you can take your kids or let your inner child run wild on the inflated inner tubes.


Last but not least Dubai offers some of the most amazing view you will see anywhere in the world. The Burj Khalifa
is the tallest structure on the planet and from the moment you get to Dubai it is the one object that by far stands out he most. It is the epitome of amazing. Not to mention that it is a true wonder of modern design and technology all encompassed into one magnificent structure. You can hop on the Elevator and go the 134 th floor where you will arrive at the observation deck where no matter what time of the day or night you are guaranteed one of the most breathtaking views in the world. If you are looking for a different way to experience Dubai, you can also arrange a helicopter ride that lets you see this beautiful city in all its glory from a birds’ eye point of view.

Dubai is the by far one of the most prodigious cities in all the world. With sites and attractions to blow you away and cuisine and shopping that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Enjoy everything it has to offer and spare no expense. This will defiantly be the trip of a lifetime. ping experience!

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