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Three Amazing Luxury Island Getaways

written by admin March 11, 2017

Cayo Espanto, Belize


Cayo Espanto is situated three miles off of the beautiful Belizean Coast. It is one of the most sumptuous private islands anywhere in the world to vacation. Covered in palm and coconut trees, this tiny island is considered to be the premier destination for luxury travel in Belize. Surrounded by the beautiful azure Caribbean and the world’s second largest barrier reef, Espanto is a dreamlike sanctuary.


Glistening pearl white sand beaches and villa tree houses make being cast away a place to be. There are 5 different villas located on the north and south ends of the island with the main villa located just offshore with a 45m wooden walkway that leads right up to the front door.


All vilcayo-3las have their own personal houseman dedicated to making your stay as easy and relaxing as possible. They even have designer swimwear for free if you forget to put it in your luggage. All around the island, there are hammocks hung between the palms and great places to go scuba diving and snorkeling.



If that’s not enough, located just a two-hour boat ride away is the Great Blue Hole. Declared one of the top ten scuba diving sites in the world by Jacques Cousteau, this collapsed underwater limestone cave is as beautiful as it is inspiring. Cayo’s menu does not disappoint. With an international flair and the help of the freshest seafood such as parrotfish and mahi-mahi, your dining experience will always amaze. Without a doubt, Cayo Espanto is only for the most opulent of travelers.


Kokomo Island, Figi


Recently opened in March 2017, Kokomo Island is the most exclusive and private resort in Figi. The minute you arrive on your private seaplane there is no need to worry as everything is managed for you. From beginning to end, your experience is designed to be comforting and stress-free. There are 21 villas spread out all around the resort, with each having its own personal pool.




The resort itself is covered in milk white beaches and surrounded by untouched rainforest. The plethora of wildlife is immense. From the rainforest to the Great Astrolabe Reef just meters away from shore, nature flourishes in this fairytale getaway. You can spend your day sunbathing by the infinity pools that overlook the surrounding ocean or have a spa day.


fiji-4There are also lots of ways to take in the surrounding resort such as fishing, paddle boards, and water skies. The rainforest can be explored on the various trails that guide you under a magnificent eco-friendly canopy while the higher you climb the more dazzling the view becomes.






Included in the rental is an in-house chef, butler and even, if needed, a nanny. Designed for seclusion, comfort, and relaxation this resort has the best of the ocean and the mainland, leaving a departure date the only difficult decision to make.



Azura Quilalea, Mozambique


Mozambique is home to an eco-boutique retreat on the island of Esguerra called Azura Quilalea. Twenty individually unique villas are nestled down one of the few undiscovered stretches of beach in the entire world. Each of these private villas has its own plunge pool and includes a butler who attends to your every need.


azura-3The resort itself is peppered with over 50 ancient baobab trees – some of the oldest being 3,000 years or more old. Situated in the southernmost part of the Quirimbas Archipelago, a completely protected magnificent marine sanctuary awaits your exploration. Designed to be your very own eco-chic sanctuary, the comfortable villas have oversized beds donned with Egyptian cotton linen and decorated with authentic carvings, handmade furniture, beaded wall hangings, and local fabrics that bring alive the world around them.





The emphasis throughout the resort is providing excellent service, as well as eye-catching architecture coiled together in harmony with community and nature to bring a new spirit to their visitors. Azura is proud to be the first accommodations in Mozambique to be granted Carbon Neutral Status. Cuisine at Azura is delectable and uses all locally sourced ingredients in all of its meals.





The highlight of the menu is a 7-course tasting dinner where the highly skilled chefs prepare their own favorite creations. Of course, among all of the beauty, the resort offers island tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, big game fishing, dhow sailing, stargazing, and fabulous spa treatments. This hidden Mozambique oasis provides an ambiance fit for the world’s most successful people.





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