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Beautiful London Restaurants

written by admin February 7, 2017

With all Travel experiences one of the most sought out attractions is food. The dinner table is where memories and friendships happen. Loved ones confine in one another and friends allow for everyone to be able to release and let go of the problems of the outside world. No matter where you go there is always an abundance of choices to satisfy all of your taste buds. We have put together four of restaurants in London that have to be seen to believe.



Aquavit is a Scandinavian Restaurant that just opened in London this past year. The cuisine is cooked with everything that Scandinavia has to offer with a modern flair sprinkled in. They specialize in seafood from the nearby waters as well as local fruits and leafy greens to be incorporated into their dishes. They use a portion of their showcased menu to bring to life the traditions of Scandinavia, such as meatballs and herring as well amazing choices for vegetarians. Aquavit also has a smorgasbord on the menu. A smorgasbord is a Swedish meal served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods. Aquavit changes things up a bit and lets you create your own. Along with the Swedish food, the interior of the restaurant is matched to its roots. The ambiance and energy smoke out any other Swedish Cuisine in London.


Sarastro is a Mediterranean/ Turkish restaurant that looks like it was peeled right out of Arabian Nights. The dining area plays the play. By this we mean that the dining area is created with the intention of making you feel like you are in an opera house. An array of color dance through the room and bring the restaurant to life. Sarastro was the first restaurant to have balconies in London. Using banisters from the Old Royal Opera house only adds to the ambiance that is provided by this Victorian style space. The Turkish menu and Mediterranean style of cooking is not focused on presentation as much as it is focused on having fun, ignoring the pretentiousness of fine dining. You can go for the cuisine but you will remember it for the experience.


inamoJumping out from the Victorian age to the future is Inamo. Unique in the pioneering of any restaurant around this take on Asian Fusion food has all the life you think of when you imagine a place like Japan. Inamo mixes in all traditional Asian dishes with a bit of Western world style sprinkled in. With today’s modern age in full stride, it only makes sense that technology wires its way into our food. At Inamo your table is fully interactive. You can order all food and drinks without ever actually talking to anyone. The dining experience has pictures of all food that so you can scroll though without a paper menu. You can even change the ambiance of your table by changing the background to suit your mood or just to be playful. You can continue your play with a game of pong or memory on the touch screen as well. Not to mention if you find yourself indulging in the vast drink menu you can order a cab right from your screen. On top of all that, you can watch a live feed of the chef preparing your food right from the kitchen. Being the first restaurant to launch with a fully interdependent ordering system you must see to believe.

sambushiOne more breathtaking restaurant is Sambasushi. Located 175 Feet up, this 2 story Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian mixed cuisine creates an unmatched intimate dining experience. The bamboo ceilings with lights intertwined throughout and 3 walls of glass allow for one of the most desired dining experiences you will find. Vibrant colors and beautiful architecture brings the world below to the this 39th floor of this Bishopgate masterpiece. You can ride the two panoramic Elevators made of glass from the ground up while gasping in awe at the beauty from a bird’s eye point of view. In the middle of the western terrace is a magnificently created orange tree that is a work of art in in itself. Sushismaba provides the highest outdoor dining terraces in all of Europe. Samba signatures to Latin classics like mojito and calpirinha, muddled with fresh fruit. The combination of traditional Latin America and the untimely creations of sushi the menu can dazzle the taste buds and warm the soul. There are not many places where you can honestly say earth meets sky. But with the trees in the sky space is the limit.



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