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London Afternoon Tea and Dinner

written by admin February 23, 2017

t-at-the-dorchesterWe love to indulge ourselves with mouthwatering and mind-blowing food wherever we go. After all, food is in most ways the easiest way to someone’s heart. Here is an amazing afternoon tea and two restaurants we visited while in London.



dorechester-high-t-2Before you grab dinner, you have to get afternoon tea in London. It’s a great experience. The Dorchester in London has been serving some of the finest afternoon tea since they opened their doors in 1931.The Promenade provides this afternoon tradition each day. There is something here for everyone of all ages. They make some of the most amazing seasonal drinks with spices to induce that specific seasonal feel.



dorechest-high-t-1The British Heritage can be fully experienced here whether you want to read a book or just grab tea for two. The service is very welcoming. They turn tea into an indulgent artsy experience. The dress code is very ’smart casual’ to match the intelligence that The Dorchester offers. This is a great way to unwind from the work day or prepare for a night full of fun.

china-tangThe China Tang Restaurant in London’s Dorchester Hotel is phenomenal. Launched by Sir David Tang this establishment offers some of the best and most authentic  Cantonese food outside of China


chinatang2The inside is immaculately decorated to invoke into its visitors the romanticism of the thirties. Thearomas from the food can easily mesmerize you from the idea that you are still in London. The Dinning area houses different types of art. From contemporary Chinese art to many quirky objects all picked by Sir David Tang himself. If you are in London looking for a wake up or to just quench your thirst the array of amazing cocktails China Tang will bring new life to your day. China Tang offers some of the best and most authentic Cantonese food outside China. We highly recommend it.


Our second restaurant stop is coyaCoya. This modern Peruvian restaurant is a great experience. The Chefs entertain you while preparing your food simultaneously in one of their three kitchens. The Ceviche Bar, the open charcoal grill and the central kitchen. Coya does a fantastic job of sticking to its roots while still bringing in the modern contemporary cuisine for the new age London clientele. They stick to their Latin heritage by providing over 40 of some of the most sought out tequilas in the world. The food is served in a family eating style that really brings you and your guests together. The Pisco Bar specializes in bespoke pisco infusions unique to COYA only. The tastes and atmosphere of this Peruvian restaurant is a fantastic place to create memories and really get that Latin love feel right in London. Let the doors open to this colonial style Latin Restaurant and let the music and love of the Peruvian nation spill over you.

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